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After this course you may be capable of find out safety vulnerabilities across a whole community, by means of the use of community hacking techniques and vulnerability scanning.

You may be able to architect your community for maximum safety and save you local and faraway attacks. We additionally cowl using custom router firmware to offer you with better network security offerings.

You’ll understand the diverse sorts of firewalls which are available and what threats each assist mitigate.

Consisting of layer four firewalls like iptables on linux and pf on macos and bsd. Virtual firewalls, host based totally firewalls and application based totally firewalls like pfsence. We cowl firewalls on all platforms which include home windows, mac os x and linux for all varieties of use scenarios.

We discover in detail wireless protection, the configurations which can be required for max safety and why. How wireless is hacked and a way to mitigate those assaults. Covering the whole thing from encryption weaknesses to evil twins, rf isolation and wi-fi crackers.

You’ll master community tracking to find out and become aware of ability hackers, malware and different adversaries that is probably lurking on your community. The usage of tools like wireshark, tcpdump and syslog.

We then flow away from community safety and onto the info of how we are tracked online by corporations, geographical regions your isp and others. You may recognize the techniques used like zombie high-quality cookies, browser fingerprinting and the way browser profiling works so third events can set up who you’re on-line.

We have a look at seek engine privateness – and a way to mitigate the tracking and privateness issues of serps and there associated offerings.

Browser protection – we cowl one among the largest dangers online. The browser; the entrance into your system. A way to first-rate reduce the assault floor of the browser and harden it for max security and privateness. A completely crucial consideration for decreasing your threat.

Subsequently you will completely recognize a way to great use methods of authentication such as passwords and multi-component authentication; tender tokens and hard tokens.

The pleasant password managers to apply and why. How passwords are cracked, and the way to mitigate the cracking.

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